Don't be a one-ear Bluetooth yuppie.

You know the type. Those people walking down the street with the Bluetooth headset that sits in one ear with a tiny peg of a microphone that juts out toward their well sculpted cheek bone? Well, you're not one of those people. You care about things like listening to great music - IN STEREO - or having noise cancelation, or having 17 hour battery life for music and 18 hours of talk time on a headset that fits comfortably and doesn't make you look like a corporate slave to the Man.

But you probably work in an office, right? I mean, you probably do. And if you probably do, you probably have Natalie that sits right by you, always gabbing away on her phone, talking about her teacup terrier that has worms. You can't be distracted by that nonsense. Pop this headset on, flip on the Bluetooth on your phone, and you'll be immersed in the beautiful serenity of your own music - or make your own call and tell your buddy Jake about Natalie and her worm dog.