Wire you just sitting there?

Your favorite headphones sit silently on your bed/desk/Victorian credenza awaiting their imminent demise. Sure, you've both been through a lot - rock, and or roll, a foray into fusion jazz in high school, and the secret Beiber phase, but the world has gone wireless. Now, the old wired headset has nowhere to go but onto a table at a garage sale with a bunch of old Crocs.

A draft blows through the room as a window inches its way open. In flies the Smartbean Wireless Bluetooth adapter, without a cape and seemingly defying the laws of physics! It hovers over the distraught headphones before plugging them into its 3.5mm jack. Magical Bluetooth waves travel 30 feet from your phone in the kitchen to the mystical Bluetooth receiver and the headphones roar to life! But wait, that song is terrible! The Smartbean's onboard controls switch to another song. Huzzah! Those amazing, yet outdated headphones breath new life, as they are now transformed into state-of-the-art Bluetooth headphones!

*Please note that the Smartbean doesn't actually fly, nor defy the laws of physics...that we know of.